How to Handle the Q&A Session with Skill – 3 Biggest Risks and 3 Tips from the Pros

Even the best presenters struggle with keeping audience attention during the last (and critical) minutes of their presentation. You had promised time at the end for Q&A but, in giving your listeners a chance to ask their particular questions, you face three big risks.


  1. The loss of interest if questions are not generally relevant
  2. The deadly quiet if no one has a question
  3. The difficulty of handling surprise or challenging questions
There are, however, a few tips from experts in sales presentation training programs that improve your chances of managing this phase of your presentation with skill.

  1. Think ahead about the questions that might be posed and prepare your answers
  2. Use the time to ask not just for questions but for audience thoughts or observations
  3. Break into small groups for them to choose which questions would be the most valuable
When your time is drawing to a close, stop the Q&A so you have a few minutes to tell a compelling final story that will have everyone leaving on an upbeat note.